Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft Rumoured to Introduce a Xbox Game Pass Family Plan

A new report from Windows Central claims that Microsoft is reportedly going ahead with the launch of an Xbox Game Pass Family Plan.

Details about the new plan are still scarce but the report says that the Xbox Game Pass Family Plan will give families of gamers access to five users to the Game Pass library.


This is said to be a cheaper option than paying for five separate Game Pass plans.

The new plan will use Microsoft’s existing Family Account system that they use for their Microsoft 365 Family subscription, which costs $109 CAD per year or $11 CAD per month.

Meanwhile, Game Pass is $11.99 CAD per month on console and PC separately or bundled together for $16.99 CAD monthly with Game Pass Ultimate.

It remains to be seen if Microsoft will introduce separate plans for PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass (console) or if it’ll include Game Pass Ultimate benefits.

Windows Central says Microsoft could announce the Xbox Game Pass Family Plan sometime later this year.