Xbox Developer Direct

Everything Revealed During Xbox Developer Direct 2024

We are a bit more than halfway through the first month of 2024, and now the first event of the year has finally arrived in the form of the Xbox Developer Direct, which comes off the heels of last year’s event. Similarly, the 2024 edition of the Xbox Developer Direct was also in the rumour mill, hinting that Microsoft was aiming to host the event during the week of January 14th at the time, which was later confirmed to go down on January 18th.

The 2023 Xbox Developer Direct event gave Xbox players a good preview of what Microsoft’s first-party games were coming out in 2023, with most revealed dates listed for the first half of that year and Forza Motorsport, which would launch later in October. The most notable reveal at that Xbox Developer Direct was the announcement and shadow drop release of Tango Gameworks’ next game, Hi-Fi Rush.

Going into this year’s Xbox Developer Direct, Microsoft detailed in an Xbox Wire blog post that its event would be focused on updates on some already-announced games, including MachineGames’ Indiana Jones game, Obsidian’s Avowed, Oxide Games’ Ara: History Untold, and Ninja Theory’s Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II. Before the event officially kicked off, there was speculation from online Xbox gamers if we would get another Xbox Games Studios shadow drop release at this year’s Xbox Developer Direct.

Let’s find out, shall we? Down below is a full breakdown of every game showcased at the Xbox Developer Direct 2024, alongside new details and updated release dates and/or windows.

Avowed (PC & Xbox Series X|S)

Release Window: Fall 2024 via Game Pass

Kicking off the Xbox Developer Direct is Avowed from developer Obsidian. We first get a deep dive discussion with Avowed‘s Gameplay director, Gabriel Paramo, who says the game’s overarching goal is to empower players with choice thanks to their fluid combat system that allows you to switch from spellcaster to sharpshooter to melee combat quickly.

This choice in gameplay direction allows players to mix the player’s loadout in moment-to-moment gameplay by combining a variety of weapons, attacks and abilities tactically in combat against a huge variety of enemies players will encounter along the way with multiple ways to approach depending on a player’s play style and customizable loadout they prefer.

When it comes to choice, Obsidian reveals that there may be no right choice as Avowed has a lot of gray areas depending on what you choose, which will have consequences depending on not just what you choose but how you approach a mission. Avowed is set to launch on PC, Xbox Series X|S consoles, and Game Pass this fall.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II (PC & Xbox Series X|S)

Release Date: May 21st via Game Pass

Up next is Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II. Ninja Theory’s studio head, Don Matthews, welcomes us and reveals that Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II is in its final months of development and that the team is working hard to deliver an unforgettable journey for Senuia in the upcoming sequel. Senua’s voice actress, Milina Jurgens, tells us Senua’s next quest is to put a stop to the Vikings who raided her village, which takes her to Iceland after making peace with her past and no longer afraid of the visions and voice in her head, the Furiess.

In the sequel, Ninja Theory continues collaborating with University of Cambridge professor Paul Fletcher and people who lived experience of psychosis, a mental illness that Senua is afflicted by in the first Hellblade game and is still a part of her in the sequel. Thanks to her unique viewpoint, Senua makes new allies and enemies along the way. The sequel has taken production to the next level with a new performance capture studio that will help bring an evolved approach to the game’s narrative and immersive performance from the actors. Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II is set to launch on PC, Xbox Series X|S consoles, and Game Pass on May 21st.

Visions of Mana (PC & Xbox Series X|S)

Release Window: Summer 2024

We get our first non-Xbox Game Studios title in the Xbox Game Studios from partner Square Enix with a look at Visions of Mana, which starts off with a brief overview of Mana‘s 30+ year history. Square Enix takes time with its approach to monster designs, which includes enemies the players will face and the companions you can ride on your journey through the next Mana game.

We also get a deep dive into the game’s music and combat, an action RPG approach to the classic RPG series. Visions of Mana will be the first Mana game to be released on an Xbox platform; no exact release date was given, but Square Enix reveals the upcoming Mana game is coming to Xbox gamers this summer.

Ara: History Untold (PC)

Release Window: Fall 2024 via Game Pass

Up next is Ara: History Untold from developer Oxide Games, revealing its next game is a dream game of theirs that’s set to be an homage to historical, strategy and 4X gamers alike while pushing the genre forward with an innovative modern approach to what has come before. Ara: History Untold is a historical grand strategy game that introduces animal enemies to the game’s world which is set to launch on PC and Game Pass this fall.

Indiana Jones and The Great Circle (PC & Xbox Series X|S)

Release Window: TBA 2024 via Game Pass

Finally, we get a huge deep-dive into Machine Games’ upcoming Indiana Jones game, and we even get a title as the game is called Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. Rather than taking place during the time of the 21st-century films, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is set to take place between “Raiders of The Lost Ark” and “The Last Crusade” in the upcoming game.

We get a trailer during the Xbox Developer Direct showing off the game for the first time that shows players not just playing as Indiana Jones but will be Indiana Jones with Troy Baker voicing the iconic titular character; if you have played many Troy Baker games, you can tell. The game will be played from a first-person perspective alongside a third-person look at the character when Indiana Jones is doing things like climbing by hand or with his whip, which is integral to the game. Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is set to launch later this year on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Game Pass,