Xbox Design Lab

The Xbox Design Lab Gets An Update

Last week, the Xbox Design Lab went down for maintenance. This led to a lot of speculation from the public with fans guessing the store would pop back up just in time for the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase.


The good thing is that fans were wrong and that it didn’t take until June 12 for the Xbox Design Lab to return, instead it has resurfaced today with some new colour configurations, including the new hotness, the Pride Controller.

So what’s new with the Xbox Design Lab? Well, there are several new pastel colours including Soft Pink, Soft Orange, Soft Green, and Soft Purple. As well as new Camo Top cases with matching side caps –Mineral Camo, Arctic Camo, Forest Camo, Sandglow Camo and Blaze Camo.

999666 Configurator

Furthermore, the Xbox Design Lab is launching in 11 additional countries including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Norway, Slovakia, and Switzerland with Taiwan joining later this summer.