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Xbox CFO Says Console Supply Chain “Could Remain Rocky” Throughout 2022, Into Holiday Season

Xbox console supply might still remain an issue going into the second half of the year, says Xbox‘s chief financial officer Tim Stuart as first reported by

Stuart claimed, “that the supply chain environment could remain rocky through 2022 and the holiday season” during a recent investor call hosted by financial services company Baird. While both Sony and Microsoft’s high-end new-gen consoles have been available for almost two years coming up, the hardware on both sides has been dealing with rampant stock issues due to the global stock issues.

On the low-end side for just Microsoft though, the Xbox Series S has become more available than its more powerful counterpart. The reason being is that it’s less of an issue to produce as part shortages for Series X “favour Series S consoles… and elevated logistics pricing pressuring margins.”

To alleviate the lack of new-gen console sales, the team at Microsoft has made it a focus to give Xbox players an alternative way to play Series X|S games. Through the cloud on devices like PC, mobile, and Xbox One, plus at the end of the month, through an app on Samsung 2022 TVs. Cloud players can play some of the recently released new generation titles without the need for console hardware.