Xbox Pride Month

Xbox Celebrates Pride Month With New Controller Colours

I didn’t know this before today but a recent study shows that more than half of people who play games say that “my gaming identity is a better reflection of myself than my real-world identity,” essentially boiling down to LGBTQIA+ players having the choice to feel welcome.

Learning this comes at the perfect time I’d say as we’re heading into Pride month. LGBTQIA+ will be able to pick up and customize their ideal controller, something that resonates with them, something that showcases who they are.


Last year, Xbox released a limited number of Pride controllers — these went to LGBTQIA+ players. Now, because the response to these controllers was so positive, they return this year with a new, customizable Pride controller. Intertwining 34 community flags together, the new controller is meant to celebrate intersectionality, showcasing the strength of these communities.

It’s a gorgeous controller and I’m glad it’s going to be available in the Xbox Design Lab on June 9.

On Xbox Wire, Kate Raynor of The Coalition spoke about Pride Month.

“Xbox will continue to champion a wide array of content and creators so that games can better represent players from all communities and identities. We also support organizations that are driving change for issues that impact LGBTQIA+ communities, in particular those fighting for transgender equality. This year Xbox, along with Microsoft, is thrilled to continue these efforts with a $170K donation to multiple LGBQTIA+ organizations, as well as feature an increased number of Pride-themed products and designs which can hopefully inspire conversations and rally community actions.”

This isn’t all Xbox and Microsoft are doing for the LGBTQIA+ community. Over the last year, Microsoft has donated over $8 million to organizations. Today, Microsoft revealed it will donate an additional $170,000 to multiple organizations.

If you head over to the Xbox Twitch Channel, you’ll see the LGBQTIA+ streamers like Nikatine, Dragtrashly, Lanieloveee, Itsmeholly, and IamBrandon.