Xbox Blocking ‘Unauthorized’ 3rd Party Accessories On Consoles With New Policy Starting On November 17

Times are once again a-changing at Xbox, as Windows Central is reporting that Microsoft is authorizing third-party accessories on its game consoles with the error 0x82d60002 notification popping up when the accessory is plugged in. The new accessory-blocking policy is set to go into effect on November 17th.

While not outright commented on by Microsoft, the move will also block third-party cheat devices like XIM, Cronus Zen, and ReaSnow S1, which might be the company’s way of cracking down on cheating on consoles, The Verge reports. Cheating devices are not the only thing that was affected, but adaptors like Krook Gaming converters help you play a variety of controllers on the console, including fight sticks, steering wheel controllers and even PlayStation controllers. The new policy would have an effect on local FGC tournaments and was called out by fighting game content creator Maximillian Dood on Twitter to Xbox’s Phil Spencer and Matt Booty.

“This is essentially a death sentence for local fighting game events that run on Xbox, much less others that can only afford one arcade stick. The Brook Gaming converters are not cheat devices. They’re a huge boon to the fighting game community. Please reconsider!” Maximillian Dood said in a tweet.

Products that are officially licensed by Xbox should not be affected, but most 3rd party controllers are wired, as it rare for Xbox to give the badge of approval on wireless controllers from other companies. Windows Central does add they’ve heard that Microsoft is planning to expand its program for approved third-party wireless Xbox controllers.