Starfield Xbox video game releases

Xbox Announces Series X Console Wraps Including Starfield

I imagine that Dbrand is on the phone with their lawyers right now and drafting a snarky response to today’s news.

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In case you missed it, Xbox is announcing today that the Washington-based gaming company is moving from doing the occasional special edition console wraps to selling their own system wraps.

Starfield Xbox wrap details image

The Series X is boldly going where no Xbox console has gone before by getting a special edition Starfield wrap on October 18 for $59.99 CAD.

Xbox says that this new wrap, “reimagines your console as an on-board avionics module, powering you through your adventures. Key internal console components are highlighted through outlined access panel and game inspired graphics. Technical call outs detail actual console functionality, with an in-game twist.”

Arctic Camo and Mineral Camo Xbox wrap image

If you’ve always seen your Series X in camo that isn’t very effective at blending in, then you may want to consider either the Mineral Camo or Arctic Camo wraps, which are available November 10, 2023 at the same price point.

Each Xbox wrap is printed with soft internal fabric and a silicone gravity wave print for cling and stability.