Xbox 20/20 Promises A Bright Future

The year 2020 certainly has done a number on the world and the pandemic we currently face has made humans move into the digital realm for almost everything today. Microsoft agrees that the situation has “challenged us to rethink the way we come together to celebrate the important milestones in gaming, and that means working with the knowledge that we may not be able to come together in the same place.”

We are doing our best to flatten the curve of the coronavirus and also trying to keep sane at home. Thankfully, these livestreams certainly help keep me entertained at home, and because this year includes the launch of the Xbox Series X with new games; I’m even more excited at the launch of a new generation.

So to make things easier to follow at home, Xbox is launching the Xbox 20/20 initiative, which begins with the May 7 episode of Inside Xbox, with each subsequent month showcasing what happens next in the Xbox ecosystem. These monthly events will run through to the end of the year and helps the teams at Xbox engage with fans and communicate the future of Xbox Series X, Xbox Game Studios, Xbox Game Pass, and Project xCloud.

Thursday’s Inside Xbox is focusing on third-party developers and the games they are working on for the Xbox Series X, with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla showcasing its first look at gameplay, as well as new trailers, and previews.

I’m also excited to learn more about smart delivery, the new feature that allows you to “always play the best version of the games you own for your console, across generations.” July will focus on the Xbox Game Studios lineup of titles currently in development for the Xbox Series X.

The event is set to go live on May 7, 2020, at 11:00 AM EDT. You can watch Xbox 20/20 on Mixer, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.