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What In The World Is Rocksteady Working On?

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Ah Rocksteady, you gave us such amazing games like Batman Arkham Asylum, and Batman Arkham City, and Batman Arkham Knight, what could you possibly be working on now? Well, head of marketing over at the developer company, Gaz Deaves, tweeted out something that may hint to Rocksteady’s next big game.

What are we going to lose our minds over? Well, maybe another Arkham game? As big of a Batman fan as I am, I doubt that, also they’ve vowed that they were done with Batman. I think we’re going to get a new IP from Rocksteady. Since Rocksteady is owned by Warner Bros. the new game could possibly be DC Comics releated. They did a great job on Batman, maybe it’s time for them to tackle another one of DC’s superheros. Whatever it is, it needs to be big enough for us to ‘lose our minds’. Personally I would love a Wonder Woman or Flash game, but I would like to see Rocksteady try something original for a change as well, because I think they have the chops to do it.

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