Wonder Boy Returns Remix

Wonder Boy Returns Remix Gets Limited Release

Strictly Limited Games is planning to launch two versions of Wonder Boy Returns Remix — with pre-orders set to begin today and including the Limited Edition and also the Collector’s Edition on Switch.

For those interested, you can head over to the Strictly Limited Store Page and secure a copy for yourself. Players will play as Boy (that’s his name!) who decides to go behind his girlfriend’s back and meet with other women on the beach. One day, his better half decides to punish him for being a cheater but not before a demon decides to kidnap his girlfriend Tina.

If you’re looking to grab the Collector’s Edition, it’s packed with goodies to make it worthwhile. I think the manual is a nice touch as it really makes me think back to when the Sega Genesis had some really great manuals to comb through.


Be sure to act quickly as it looks like these bundles have been selling out fast. A timer on the Strictly Limited website lists a new batch is available shortly. The Limited Edition will only have 3,000 copies worldwide while the Collector’s Edition features a Collector’s Edition Box, Tom-Tom Keychain, Stylish Tote Bag, Postcard Set of 2, Reversible Artwork Poster, Character Sticker Sheet, Original Soundtrack CD, a colourful manual and is limited to 2,000 copies.