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Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap On Nintendo Switch Sold Better Than All Other Consoles

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The Nintendo Switch has been out for some time now, and the reception to the hybrid console has been really well received. You’ve noticed that more developers have been open and welcoming to the Switch, and Nintendo has been working with indie devs to get their games on the console.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is one such title that has done swimmingly-well on the Switch above all other systems. It’s even outsold other versions of the game on other consoles!

“Because of how simple and expressive the thing is to program, it was easy for us to put in interesting rumble into Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, whereas doing something interesting with the PS4/Xbox controllers is harder,” Lizardcube’s Omar Cornut explains.

Cornut also revealed that Wonder Boy sold better on the Switch than it did on the other three consoles, combined.

When asked about how they came to develop for the Switch in the first place, the developers confirmed that Nintendo have taken a proactive approach, establishing relationships with interested developers at trade shows and in personal meetings.

I’m happy to see Nintendo taking a more aggressive approach with the Switch, the Wii U was not an easy system to develop for, and for most developers, they decided to leave the console behind. Going forward, it’s exciting to see so many Nindies making a splash on the Switch, a console that has been a staple of my gaming time every day whether on the go or at a friend’s or on my couch