Wonder Boy – Asha in Monster World Announced

The Wonder Boy series is returning once again, after a revival in 2017. As reported by IGN, a full reveal is set for later this week during Gamescom’s Awesome Indies Showcase on August 29, it begins at 1:00 PM ET.

I’ve been a big fan for some time and both Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap and Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom have been excellent updated versions of classic games. There’s something exciting about playing these games, partially because of the colourful worlds you explore and the excellent mechanics that always deliver a fun experience.

It’s nice to see the next game, Wonder Boy – Asha in Monster World is in development. We don’t know much at the moment, but we do know that it is coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. It also has original Creator Ryuichi Nishizawa returning, and also Composer Shinichi Sakamoto, Character Designer Maki Ōzora, and Creative Manager Takanori Kurihara. The gang is back and it’s looking like a full house! Wonder Boy – Asha in Monster World is being developed by STUDIOARTDINK and ININ Games,

Protagonist Asha was part of Monster World IV, which launched in 1994, and this is her second game.