Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Get a First Look at Wo Long Fallen Dynasty’s Gameplay

Scheduled to be playable at Tokyo Game Show 2022

In anticipation of the next gaming event Tokyo Game Show 2022, Publisher Koei Tecmo has released a trailer of Team Ninja’s next Soulslike action RPG, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty which shows off the first-ever look at gameplay. Wo Long Fallen Dynasty was first announced not too long ago during this year’s Xbox and Bethesda Game Showcase and anyone going to Tokyo Game Show 2022 next month will get the first chance to play the game before it releases next year.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a dark thriller set in the era of the Three Kingdoms where demons run wild and is a force that the player will have to deal with either a weapon or fantastical powers at their disposal. Players will also have to deal with human enemies too by using sword-like combat that is based on Chinese martial arts that allow players to switch from offensive to defensive positions pretty easily.

By the looks of what was shown, Souls fans are in for a treat with producers Masaaki Yamagiwa (Bloodborne producer) and Fumihiko Yasuda (Nioh director, producer, and writer) at the helm of the Soulslike game who are both set to make an appearance at Koei Tecmo official Tokyo Game Show live stream.

This year’s Tokyo Game Show is set to run from September 15th through the 18th at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan and anyone who plans to play the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty‘s event demo at the end will earn an original button badge. For the more skillful players who actually play the demo to the end, they will also earn themselves a t-shirt which will be limited in supply.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is set to release on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S sometime in Early 2023, for Game Pass subscribers the game will also release day and date on the service.