Artificer's Tower

Manage Your Spells, Wizards, and Mages with Artificer’s Tower

The game will have a demo during Steam Next Fest

If a sim builder or tower defence game is what you need in your gaming life right now, Artificer’s Tower could be that title, and it’s on its way to Steam Next Fest very soon!

“Build your base, keep your mages happy, craft recipes, research new magics, and defend your wizard’s keep.”

It sounds simple enough, but based on the new trailer, things can get chaotic and have you on your toes!

On the surface, Artificer’s Tower may look a little like Fallout Shelter. Rooms are designed to either build up resources or defend your elaborate tower. But here, there’s a magical and fantasy twist to the gameplay.

The new trailer shows off training new students, crafting and learning new spells, setting up trap rooms, and more.

Building the tower itself is a big part of the game. Various layouts are shown, some so massive it looks like it’ll take quite a force to tackle.

And of course, there’s customization. Changing up robes and items is a vital and fun aspect of the game, as you can create your mages your way.

Artificer’s Tower will have a brand new demo during Steam Next Fest starting on February 5th and is scheduled for a full launch in April 2024.