Wizard With a Gun

Wizard With a Gun Adding a Four-Player Co-Op Mode in “Better Together” Update on May 13

Publisher Devolver Digital and developer Galvanic Games have announced that four-player co-op mode is coming to Wizard With a Gun next week, according to a press release. The newest addition to the game is all a part of the upcoming “Better Together” update on May 13th, which will also add new difficulty modes to Wizard with a Gun, ranging from easy to very hard.

“Take your cooperative wizardry to arcane new heights in Better Together, a free content update for Wizard With a Gun that brings, at long last, four-player cooperative play. Journey to the Shatter with up to three fellow Gunmancers in your crew, choosing from four new preset difficulty levels. Or create your own custom difficulty mode, tweaking variables to make the game harder or easier. Wizard With a Gun has never been more accessible—or more challenging,” a Wizard With a Gun game press release reads.

In an update video, Galvanic Games revealed that they always intended for Wizard With a Gun to be a four-player game. Still, due to the game’s “complex” aspects in early development, a decision was made to delay the feature while focusing on at least putting out the limited two-player mode for the game’s initial release.

Even with the game’s launch getting closer, the team worked hard to provide four-player support in the future. At the time, the team was still dealing with stability and crash issues when the game was being played with four players, even in a three-player mode. Galvanic Games says all that hard work paid off as the months went on. The mode was finally in working order, and they fine-tuned the mode by balancing it for four players.

“It took a lot of effort, but we finally got here and we’re proud of what we accomplished,” a Galvanic Games developer said in Wizard With a Gun‘s Better Together update video.

Wizard With a Gun launched on October 17th for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S platforms, a Nintendo Switch port is also being developed but still no news on when to expect that launch on Nintendo’s hybrid console.