Windjammers 2

Windjammers 2 Receives Major Free Update

Dotemu has revealed a major update is coming to Windjammers 2, and it’s available today!

The update for Windjammers 2 includes new characters Jammer GXO3 and Anna Szalinski.

  • Jamma GXO3 – Making her debut into the Flying Power Disc Federation is Jamma GX03, an android whose well-balanced power and speed can rival the best on the court. Major sponsor Todemu created Jamma GX03 to combat a drop in audience numbers, but in doing so their creation promises to herald a new era of competition in the prestigious windjamming sport and she’s already showing promise as a fan-favorite.
  • Anna Szalinski – Also joining the roster is Polish Anna Szalinski, an orphan who grew up in the circus before running away. Honing her skills as a slower but extremely powerful weightlifter, she is determined to win the cup and use her newfound position in order to defend animals and take revenge on the circuses who mistreat them.

In addition, there will be two new modes, including Lessons, allowing you to learn the moves in a How to Play mode, giving you insight on how to use the Movement, Shots, Jumps, and Super Shots.

There’s also a practice mode that puts you against the CPU with several settings available, including Force service.

Dotemu has added Lobbies to online so you can now invite friends via password or use settings to create the ideal online lobby. There’s also cross-play enabled across the Switch, PlayStation, Xbox or PC.

In my review, I said that, “Windjammers 2 is a commendable sequel that smartly evolves the formula. While newcomers might be overwhelmed out of the gate, those familiar with the Neo Geo classic will find a lot to love with what Dotemu has delivered. Brimming with tons of action, a bigger roster, new moves and abilities, Windjammers 2 is a solid return for the series that could very well have a place in the competitive space in the future thanks to the care and adoration the developers delivered.”