New Gameplay Trailer for Windblown: the New Game from Dead Cells Creators Motion Twin

Early access coming this year!

The success of Dead Cells can’t be ignored. Whether you’ve played the game and its numerous DLCs or have just heard about it, you likely have a good sense of how popular Motion Twin‘s 2D roguelike is next for the team: a new 3D action-adventure title.

Windblown has been described by its developers as “Dead Cells’ hyperactive, sugar-rushed 3D sibling.” Music to my ears, I say!

After a brief glimpse a few months ago, we now have a full gameplay trailer to dig into and some more information on what the gameplay itself will entail.

Smash and Slash Through Windblown

The game takes place on ever-changing islands floating in the sky, leaning into more roguelike gameplay. While you make your way through as a Leaper, you can dismantle Sentinels and collect some weapons, trinkets, gifts, and fish to help you battle further. Yes, you read that correctly…fish!

Look at the trailer and see some wild ways you can use these underwater creatures. For example, I was gobbling up enemies and exploding into a million squishy victory pieces!


Each player will also have two weapons available at any given time, helping to customize your approach and provide some variety on your runs. A finisher move called Crystalize is also built up, allowing you to refill energy and crush your opponents. Swords and projectile weapons look locked and loaded to go, with impressive visuals.

But that’s just the beginning because there will be different biomes to traverse, and you can do it with a group of friends as well.

Windblown recently concluded a closed alpha test, and Motion Twin says it will make the game available on Steam Early Access sometime in 2024.