Win An Xbox One X By Playing Lots Of Games!

Xbox One X is fast approaching its November release, at this point, I’m pretty sure we’re all excited to get our hands on the latest from Microsoft. So when this email blast came through my mailbox about the Xbox One X Gamerscore Challenge, it made sense to get the news out as soon as I could to our readers, because up for grabs for five dedicated gamers who want an Xbox One X.

The 5 gamers to increase their Gamerscore the most until October 22nd will walk away with a brand new Xbox One X. Even those who register late will have a chance to win – the total increase from September 27 to October 22 will be taken into consideration – and everybody that takes part will be eligible to randomly win 1 of 5 controllers.

If you’re interested in this, read more about it here, and get ready to get that gamerscore up! This is going to be a tough contest.