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Wild For PlayStation 4 Looks… Wild


This is one game that took me by surprise at Paris Games Week. Wild is an open-world game where you control a shaman who must survive a dangerous world.

In Wild, players live life as a male or female shaman, fighting to survive a world rife with predators, poison, and even bone-wearing cannibals. Ancel’s goal is to begin the story when the shaman is young, and follow him as his power and experience grows over time. With each new animal that the shaman learns to control, a new tattoo is etched across the character’s skin. This will help showcase a player’s experience where multiplayer is concerned. Different shamans will display their spiritual wisdom with different markings.

As some may have seen during the PlayStation press conference at Paris Games Week, the shaman will come to understand new animal types by communing with powerful animal divinities. We’ve seen the serpent divinity so far, manifested as a seductive, cunning woman spotted with scales. These divinities will ask things of the shaman in exchange for their power, from making a sacrifice to living life as their animal subjects. These meetings (and their subsequent trials) will surely be a highlight of Wild’s open-ended gameplay.

The moment to moment play in Wild is a mix of survival and exploration. Players can traverse the land as the shaman, or call animal companions to ride (like the bear we saw in Paris). The shaman can also “possess” animals that he has previously mastered, seeing the world from their unique perspectives. Observe far-off terrain from the eyes of a hawk, or scout cannibal tribes undetected as a rabbit. Players can even lure predators by controlling sheep. But leave the shaman’s body unprotected, and death may come swiftly while his spirit is away.