Both Wii U and 3DS No Longer Supporting Credit Cards Starting January 2022

While it has been years since I’ve personally purchased anything on my 3DS, it still stings hearing that Nintendo is now closing up show on both the Wii U and 3DS early next year. I do use my handheld from time to time, revisiting classic titles I’ve purchased since I can’t play them anywhere else.

Yesterday, Nintendo announced the end of credit card and electronic payments beginning in January 2022, via the Japanese support site. From the listing: “After the end date, you will not be able to add balances using credit cards and transportation electronic money from the Nintendo 3DS series and Wii U.” That end date is January 18, 2022, at 9 AM JST.”

What this means is that up until then, you are free to buy games from the eShop. After the date has passed, any credit the account has can still be used but you can’t add any more on the 3Ds or Wii U. However, there seemingly is a workaround that would make sense if you own a PC or mobile phone to top up your account.

So while it is the beginning of the end and Nintendo is now sunsetting these devices and their networks, you still have time to make purchases on the respective console. After that, it’ll take some extra work but you’ll be able to purchase games with some patience.