Wii Got U Covered: Nintendo Direct Micro Breakdown 6.1.15


Today Nintendo America hosted a Nintendo Direct “Micro” that was quite unexpected and featured games coming to the 3DS and Wii U.

Bill Trinen, Nintendo Treehouse Product Developer, started the direct by announcing that Nintendo is plugging in Chibi Robo again. Chibi Robo’s last appearance was on the Gamecube in Chibi Robo: Plug Into Adventure, which featured the cute very little robot helping out with chores around the house, like gardening or cleaning house. It’s 10 years since his previous appearance and despite still being developed Nintendo promises that the new Chibi Robo is action packed with multiple attacks, like ziplash. Nintendo also announced that the Chibi Robo will join the Amiibo family as an exclusive in bundle Amiibo, with more information to be released at later date about its capability. Chibi Robo Ziplash is set to hit the 3DS in October.


One of the best highlights from the Direct was when Trinen announced that updates coming to Splatoon. Following the release of Spaltoon it was a shock that so quickly Nintendo already was providing updates on content that is to be available for the game. Impressed with the response they have got, they announced new maps that are set to hit the game as of 7 PT TODAY! Ranked Battle, a new weapon called NZAP 85 and Mackerel, a new map will be available for free.

Nintendo also announce a new game hitting the 3DS called Little Battlers Experience. Based on the Nickelodeon show & toys this game will allow players to create their own little mech fighters. The game seems promising because of the various amounts players can customize their Little Battler. The game will offer over 130 models of Little Battlers and over 4000 parts that can be leveled up individual. Players will have an endless amount of variations that can be put to the test in wireless 6 player battle.

The broadcast ended off on a pleasant note for fans of the Bravely Default series, with Nintendo’s first look of the sequel, called Bravely Second End Layer, that is set to hit the 3DS in 2016.

The Direct also included an announcement and updates about:

– A new Dr. Mario game called Dr Mario: Miracle Cure, making its way to the 3DS in June 11th.

– Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon releasing in Winter 2015 (3DS)

– Mario & Sonic 2016 Olympic Games (3DS & Wii U)

– A full version of Art Academy, called Art Academy Home Studio  available through eShop on June 25th (Wii U)



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