Why Isn’t Your Website Making You Much Money

Sometimes a website just doesn’t quite hit the revenue mark we hoped for it. After all, so many people will tell you how much passive income even just a blog can generate, so when you’ve got a fully fledged, professional website to boast, why aren’t you getting the results you want?


Well, there could be a few reasons as to why this is happening, and it mostly comes down to the way your website has been set up. And because of this, we’ve collected some of the things you need to think about when it comes to your website design below. Let’s make sure you can monetize your online presence properly!

It Takes a Long Time to Load

The biggest killer of money making potential on a website is network latency. If your website takes longer than 2 or 3 seconds to load, even, people will simply click off and forget about you. Even when you’ve got some great content on your website, a user’s patience simply comes first.

So you’ll want to try and reduce these loading times. Maybe your website is a little too image heavy, or maybe it’s not optimised for devices such as mobiles – either way, your layout needs tweaking, to catch a visitor’s attention.

It’s Hard to Find Relatable Content

Maybe your website doesn’t have quite as much content as it should have, and visitors don’t have enough to read to keep them around, or maybe it’s just a bit tricky to find the content that relates to them? Don’t worry, it’s an easy fix in both cases!

A content schedule, for one, is a good thing to implement, to make sure you’re regularly posting and keeping up visitors numbers. And if you’ve noticed yourself that it’s hard to surf through your content categories, it might be a good idea to try out the best tree testing tool, to really ensure your navigation tabs lead off in the right directions.

You’re Not Working the Affiliate Angle Quite Right

Finally, once you get onto an affiliate program, it can feel like your blog has finally made it! However, maybe you’re not writing about enough affiliate-related products to really make the money you deserve to hear, or maybe you’re posting affiliate links for the wrong products.

Either way, if you change your strategy just a little, such as by writing posts that link to products people already want to buy (such as household goods, or similar daily essentials), it can be a lot easier to rack up those pennies. You might also want to advertise your content a little more, to really make those clicks count.

So, your website might need a little bit of tweaking here and there, but that doesn’t have to be a big deal! It’ll earn you a lot more money in the long run, which’ll make taking a second look at your website design totally worth it. Start with checking the load times, and go from there.