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Why Gaming Can Provide Unexpected Benefits

We may live in a society that doesn’t always appreciate gaming but that doesn’t mean that it does not have its benefits as it most certainly does! We may play online, perhaps we enjoy doing a little responsible gambling on a Friday night with a lightning roulette game, it brings us pleasure and a little bit of focus too Perhaps we enjoy sitting with the Xbox all night on Saturday with a beer, playing with our friends, it gives entertainment also. But what else makes gaming such a good thing for us! So how can it actually help us?

  • Gaming can strengthen certain areas of your brain, making us focused and using our motor skills. These include the parts of your brain responsible for spatial awareness, motor skills, memory and long term planning which can help at work and at home.
  • Gaming can benefit people who have been through traumatic events, helping them overcome certain things or putting them back in control of things.
  • It can also help reduce chronic pain by taking their mind off it and giving them new purpose and something that will entertain them.
  • Gaming can make you happier – it can bring friends into your life and give you a new form of purpose. You may make friends from all over the world!

There is definitely strong evidence to suggest that gaming can be incredibly beneficial for your cognitive health and whilst you don’t have to leave your couch to do it, some may argue that it is not good for your physical health. Certain games can be. Games that are done on Nintendo Wii which involve more physical activity as you can play sports through your console and get up and start doing the interactive game playing. This is a great way to improve your health and also do it from indoors without having to pay for it.

It is likely that your old PlayStation from 1998 still works and there are still games available today for it! We have all heard of Tomb Raider and Assassin’s Creed. In addition to the points mentioned, you can also get these skills from gaming too:

  • Improves coordination – driving, any type of work involves good coordination.
  • Improves problem-solving skills – this can be used at work to solve a puzzle or some issue related to your work.
  • Enhances memory – good memory skills lowers risk of dementia.
  • Improves attention and concentration – you may find you can concentrate better in school or at college.
  • It is a great source of learning – there’s plenty of things to learn when you’re gaming, including information, history and geography.
  • Improves the brain’s speed – having a faster mind means you can be more productive.
  • Enhances multitasking skills – these always come in handy and allow you to get things done more efficiently, which could please your boss (or your partner!)
  • Improves social skills – making friends online can be great and it’s a good way to communicate as well as make friends to chat to and talk to outside of gaming.

There are plenty of benefits, right? Are you ready to start?