Wholesome Direct Returns on June 12

Wholesome Direct 2021

The second annual Wholesome Direct, in which dozens of indie publishers and developers announce new games, updates on existing projects and exclusive news is returning this year. According to Wholesome Games, new games will even launch during the show, so you’ll have to keep up or risk being lost in the flood of, wholesomeness.

What I like about the approach Guerilla Collective and Wholesome Games uses, is how easygoing it is instead of the fast-paced reveals that happen every time E3 rolls around. This year, Guerilla Collective is helping organize the event and even has its own showcase set for June 5 and another on June 12, with Wholesome Direct happening on Saturday, June 12, too. You’ll have a lot of content to watch and it’ll be a fun few hours full of goodies being teased and released.

Some of the games already confirmed for Wholesome Direct include Unpacking A Life, We Are OFK, Moonglow Bay, Paralives, Bear and Breakfast, Ooblets, The Gecko Gods, and Amber Isle.


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