Wholesome Direct Offers Comfort Food for Indie Game Fans

Wholesome Direct is the type of content I want to see more of if we’re going to move away from the E3-centric show we’ve all come to expect.

Today’s livestream which featured over 50 new indie games that are set to arrive throughout the next few years and a few of those not only caught my eye but pulled me away from what I was doing to learn more about their existence. June is shaping up to be a month-long conference it seems with so many games now gaining the spotlight to shine, if this is what the next 30 days are like, I’m in (even if I know I’ll be wiped by the end of June).

In a roughly 40-minute livestream we got a glimpse of new games Little Witch in the Woods, which is way too cute by the way, and also new content for Kind Words (lo-fi chill beats to write to), which involves writing letters of encouragement to real people. Button City, a game about saving the local arcade from being shut down caught my eye, and Spiritfarer, where you ferry souls to the afterlife, building a boat to help them cross over, and talking to spirits. Some games like Winding Worlds are already available on Apple Arcade, too!

I’m still working my way through the presentation but indie games are the perfect solution to the pandemic, each offering a slice of happiness and a way to pass the time without worrying about the massive AAA-titles that often become bogged down by their scale.