Whitethorn Games

Whitethorn Games Shares Its Publishing Agreements In A Bid For Transparency

Whitethorn Games has made some fantastic indie titles over the last several years and has generally been a pleasure to watch grow. Today, in a bid to be transparent about how the company operates, they have released several worthwhile reads on its website.

The first thing I read was the page on transparency and it has a lot of information you would likely never see from the likes of Activision Blizzard, a company that recently withheld raises from unionizing members at Raven Software. Instead, you have an opening paragraph that reads like this:

“Whitethorn and our employees value transparency. In the employment and labour role we play internally, as well as the external publishing role we play to our customers, our platform partners, and of course, our development partners – we’re committed to making sure everyone with whom we do business is operating with our complete and honest cooperation,” says the blog post.

The post goes on to explain how the business is run and how salary is broken down between the average salary of an employee ($51,000 US) with a salary range from $45,300 from highest to lowest. The average executive salary is $73,000 with CEO Matthew White’s salary being $75,000.

Whitethorn broke down what it requires when publishing a game. On their Publishing Ideals page, any developer who wants to work with the company should consider having a demo to show off with a gameplay trailer to boot. Approaching the business with a proposal means including art materials, budget and development timelines, a game overview, and technical information about your game.

I’ve always felt leading by example is a great method to achieve your goals. Clearly, Whitethorn Games seems to be ahead of the curve and bigger publishers should consider following the excellent example Matthew White has shown this week. In an industry where accountability is still an uphill battle, the move to being more transparent would be the stepping stone to bridging the gap.