Where Cards Fall

Award-winning Apple Arcade game Where Cards Fall is coming to Switch and PC

Today, The Game Band is sharing that their contemporary and chill puzzle game, Where Cards Fall, is leaving Apple Arcade exclusivity beginning on November 4th. The 2020 Apple Design Award Winner will have a Nintendo Switch and PC port featuring new custom-tailored controls and character animations to better fit the new respected platforms.

Where Cards Fall is a case study in crafting poetry in motion on building up memories that come from the mind of Sam Rosenthal, he started this project as his senior-year project for USC’s game design program over a decade ago.

Along a journey that spans 50 puzzles, players lead a silent and unnamed protagonist and witness a story start to take shape literally in the form of a house of cards. Getting to the end of each puzzle requires you to build complex 3D structures on a 2D plain before the wind can knock you down. It’s hauntingly minimalist at times, but a chill soundtrack best enjoyed with your favourite pair of headphones and a warm, calming beverage is sure to help you balance out the challenge at hand. 

Where Cards Fall is available to add to your Wishlist right now on Steam and on Epic Games. It will appear in the Nintendo eShop shortly, and you can always add it to your Apple Arcade now.