What’s Your Breakpoint? Ubisoft Asked Canadian Ghost Recon Fans

I’ve gotta hand it to Ubisoft. After reading about FAM, a new initiative from the company in which they reward fans and at the same time become closer to the community, I realized this extends to how they deal with media. With an open arms policy that I’ve witnessed first hand over the years, this new and exciting program is something you need to check out – if you’re Canadian!

With Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint launching on October 4, Ubisoft asked Ghost Recon fans across the country what they would do in order to be first to play the upcoming sequel to Wildlands. Ubisoft didn’t make things easy for Kyle Morken; who jumped from a plane, Jeff Sinclair; who repelled down a building, Anteny Provencher; who took on dune buggying, or Ginny Bilinsky; who took on white water rafting. Each one of these Canadians reached their breakpoint and overcame it!

That’s why seeing the FAM Program in action is what excites me most about this game. Ubisoft always finds ways to include the community in what their making and offering rewards for those who join them. Keep an eye out for what’s to come from Ubisoft, you never know what you might do to get your hands on a new video game. Created exclusively for Canadians, Ubisoft fans can expect special content created exclusively for Canadian fans, as well as experiences and rewards.