What’s Ubisoft Working On?

An interesting tweet surfaced this weekend possibly hinting at a new project at Ubisoft.

NextGenPlayer Paul Hunter noticed a listing on Mandy.com for actress Rebekah Watt. What was curious about her listing was for a project called Bowmore with Ubisoft linked to the project.

It isn’t uncommon for actors to list their upcoming roles on their resumes. So when voice talent Amber Goldfarb (Aveline de Grandpré) listed Bowmore on her resume as well, people noticed.

A quick Google search of Bowmore leads to a few items. Of note is the term is most commonly associated with a single malt whiskey manufactured in Islay, Scotland and was established in 1779.

Right now this is purely speculative and is nothing more than a listing on a resume. If anything comes of this, we’ll report on it as news is made available. In the past, many titles have leaked details so this could lead to bigger breadcrumbs in the coming weeks, or not. We will see.