Ghost of Tsushima

What Will The PlayStation 5 Boxes Look Like?

PlayStation 4 game cases shrunk from the standard size we’ve all become accustomed to and now, with the PlayStation 5 launching Holiday 2020, it’s time to think about what we may get.

Granted, I was always a fan of custom game covers (my entire PlayStation 3 library is full of them) which is an excellent way to spruce up the often bland and boring designs video games arrive in. I find it criminal that each video game comes in a case covered in legality and labels, leaving very little real estate for a game’s art.


That’s why seeing these mockups of PlayStation 5 box covers is exciting and these ones from Reddit user ruddi2020 is worth checking out – the Ghost of Tsushima and Dying Light 2 covers are simple and offer a wonderful look at what a potential customer would want to see; the art and what the game is about.

Likely it will be some time before we see an official game case but I quite like imagining what the next generation will offer consumers when they purchase their new video game. I just hope Sony decides to keep the blu-ray cases they currently use.