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What Tech Job is the Right Fit for You

So, you like playing with technology, but have you ever thought about finding a career in it? If you’re like one of the millions of people recently unemployed or searching for online work, or if you just don’t like the type of work you’re doing, you might not know exactly where to start to get into the tech field.

Well, here’s the thing: there is so much opportunity in the technology field. What you have to decide is what type of job is the best fit for you. Yes, the idea of turning a hobby into a profitable career is alluring, but truth be told, not everyone will excel as a game designer. Others might not want to turn their hobby into a career because it eliminates some of the joy associated with playing games after.

If you’re interested in finding a tech career, consider the following technology jobs that can help get your foot in the door to a new career.

Help desk analyst

If you want to get your foot in the door, starting as a help desk analyst can be a great option. While it may not be something you want to do forever, it can be a fantastic way to begin your tech career and find out if you’d like to continue down that career pathway. Help desk analysts help customers who are having technical issues; while helping customers, you’re likely to garner skills to use in other technology jobs.

Who is this job for? This is an ideal position for someone looking to start working today and is a great job for people who are outgoing and good at communicating. Problem-solving is a key aspect of your personality if you want to become a help desk analyst, and being a quick learner can be beneficial.

What are the job requirements? An entry-level position does not require any previous tech experience or education, but prior customer service in any field can help make this an easy transition.

Quality Assurance Analyst

This next job on the list is another entry-level position but can expand into a career you might want to stick with. When a website, application, or even video game is in production, it depends on quality assurance analysts to beat it up. It is a critical part of the software development process as a quality assurance analyst tests the software, noting any bugs, inconsistencies, or problems they encounter.

Who is this job for? If you are a meticulous and detail-oriented person, this might be a great option for you. Problem-solving is beneficial, and the more acquainted you can become with technology, the more problems you’ll be able to identify.

What are the job requirements? Some companies will prefer working with a quality assurance analyst who has an IT-degree, but most will concentrate on evidence that you are analytical with exceptional attention to detail. If you are someone who sees the “bigger picture” instead of the details, this isn’t your cup of tea.

Cybersecurity Engineers

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This tech position is continually evolving and there is a large market for cybersecurity engineers. There is a misconception that cybersecurity is fairly limited, but as of right now there are 33 specialty areas in which a cybersecurity engineer can flourish, and seven broader categories.

Norwich University mentions that on average, a cybersecurity engineer could perform a myriad of tasks including installing firewalls, recommending operational changes to enhance security, develop frameworks for existing issues, and run cyberattack simulations.

Who is this job best for? This is a great position for someone who communicates complex ideas efficiently and clearly, is analytical, and is great at troubleshooting and problem-solving. This is not an ideal position for someone who doesn’t deal well with stress since there are times it can be a high-pressure job.

What are the job requirements? This job requires a bachelor’s degree in a related field, and most companies will also require ongoing professional certifications. While you will need a degree for this position, there is a large need for cybersecurity engineers, so it’s not a career that will be disappearing at any time.

Technical Writer

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The last position on this list is the technical writer, which could arguably be the least “technical” position, but is absolutely necessary for documentation within companies, and is likely to work directly with each of the other positions mentioned above. If you have previous writing experience or education, this can be a great way to put those skills to use. Technical writers create documentation related to products, services, and a company’s processes in a clear way. A common misconception is that technical writers produce boring material, but it is up to the tech writer to ensure that the information they’re providing is as engaging as it needs to be for the audience.

Who is this job for? This job is ideal for someone who is great at working with many different people within a given week. It is necessary to be adaptable in your writing, as well as a very clear communicator, both orally and written. If you shy away from conversations and collaboration, this job is not for you.

What are the job requirements? Ideally a candidate has a bachelor’s degree in communication, journalism, English, or related field, but knowledge in specific fields related to the company’s focus can also be useful. You must have proof of strong writing skills.

There is a multitude of technical jobs available, so keep that in mind as you continue to think about what career you may want to become a part of.  Not all tech jobs are the same, and they are not all for the same type of person, so keep an open mind as you search for the perfect fit.