What Is Your SANDWISH?

Korean BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

While it isn’t exactly Christmas – it’s basically the next best thing. Console Creatures and SUBWAY® Canada  are teaming up to bring to our readers Sandwishes!

I know, I know… you’re sitting at your desk or on your phone wondering just what the heck I mean. I was confused at first too, then I had my  Sandwish granted by SUBWAY and things made sense.

So let me break this down for you because I’m excited to tell you what Console Creatures and SUBWAY restaurants have in store for you!

Have you ever stopped into your local SUBWAY and while speaking with the sandwich artist, wanted something more personal? SUBWAY has a great menu to begin with, but, a sandwich that had all the things you dreamed of?

This is something we want to bring to those of you who have had this in their heads as they got a Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, but made just the way YOU want it – not the way the next person in line wants it! Take someone like me who wanted the new and amazing Korean BBQ Pulled Pork sub that I can’t resist! My wish was granted and I found myself throwing on chicken, fresh spinach and two kinds of cheese!

That’s just my stomach talking. I’m sorry. SUBWAY also has a variety of dietary options, too, because sometimes people like me go overboard and eat complicated subs, and sometime people are a bit more health-conscious. Luckily, SUBWAY has always been known and welcoming to those who live healthy lifestyles by providing fresh veggie toppings, reducing sodium across their menu and baking fresh bread every morning, including my favourite 9-Grain Honey Oat!

Sidebar: The lovely owner at my local SUBWAY has kept me up to date with the improvements they take to provide great service and quality food to customers like me.  Did you know that SUBWAY ensures that a lot of the products served in their restaurants are from Canada? For meat, this includes their Ham, Turkey, Prime Rib, Steak and Cold Cut Combos! This also includes the fresh vegetables you ask for when your sandwich artist asks what toppings you want. Some of these products are now sourced locally during harvest season. You can’t go wrong with local produce!

I think I’ve explained what we want to bring to everyone. Fresh subs that only a true artist like you can make. Seriously, go out there and show us what you can create. We want to see it and we want to eat it. Send us your Sandwishes on Twitter and use the hashtag #SUBWAYSandwish so we can see what you have up your sleeve; the better ones will even be picked, as Console Creatures can make your Sandwishes come true!

This is only the beginning for us, we’re excited to work together with SUBWAY restaurants and fans of good food. It has begun – sandwishes do come true!