What Can You Really Do About Lag While Gaming

Since online gaming was first a thing, lag has also been a thing. Whether it’s you, a teammate or a competitor, it seems like there’s always someone there to spoil the experience through their slow internet, causing things to get real jittery for everyone else. Modern games and consoles are doing more to improve their online experience, but what can you do about it, too?


How are you connected to your network?

The method of connecting to your router or modem matters just as much as the type of internet that you’re connecting to. For instance, Wi-Fi is notoriously bad for gaming. Instead, connect to your device an ethernet connection. For Nintendo Switch players, look at the ethernet adapters reviewed by TechiePassion to get the wired connection that you need. It won’t solve all lag problems but if you’re playing on Wi-Fi, it doesn’t matter how good your net is, it’s going to limit you.

Get as much bandwidth as you can

Your bandwidth is effectively how much of your internet traffic is going to your device. Bandwidth is used up by every device connected to the net and the more data-intensive their activity, the more bandwidth they are going to use. If someone is streaming while you’re gaming, it’s going to affect your gaming experience. Try to game when you can ensure you get as much bandwidth as possible and look for any programs that might be using up bandwidth with you knowing to close them down.

Get a better internet service provider

At some point, you are going to be limited in how much you can improve your online performance by your choice of ISP. Your ISP might advertise a certain speed, but they might not have to guarantee that speed, so it’s easy for people to find that their net is slower than they expected. Check out the Latest Deals advice on the best broadband currently available. If you’re not on a fibre optic connection, now might be the time to upgrade as those deals are, currently, offering the best speeds on the market. The availability of different ISPs will depend on the area that you’re living in, however.

Protect yourself and your devices

Lag can, sometimes, be caused by hacking and viruses. Make sure that you use high-quality antimalware software to check your device and ensure that it’s entirely protected if you’re playing on your PC, Mac, or laptop. Be smart about staying safe online, as well, not giving out any details that might allow someone to hack you. Hardware issues can start to cause problems with how it handles network connections, as well, so you might want to start looking into getting in touch with the manufacturers if the problems persist or are localized entirely to trying to use that one device. For instance, you don’t want to pay to replace your broadband provider if your issues are relevant only to your gaming rig.

There are some cases in which you really can’t do anything about lag, be it due to your hardware limitations, the lack of good ISPs in your area or otherwise. Just try all the tips above before giving up on online gaming entirely.