Weird West

Weird West Launches this March

In episode three of Weird West‘s guided trailer series, Road to Weird West, game Creative Director Raphael Colantonio takes us through some of the finer elements of combat, as well as how to stay out of it. Colantonio uses the nearly two minutes present to emphasize all the ways to adapt your own style when confronting a gameboard. 

Part of what I enjoyed in my preview of Weird West was the ability to use the environment as a weapon. Using a poison barrel to weaken foes ahead of a shootout is super satisfying. Letting a caged animal go free and cause havoc can turn ugly quickly, but it’s a great way to keep eyes off of you.  

For those looking to assume the role of a god, why not spread fire upon the ground you walk, burning unfortunate cowboys and highwaymen to a crisp. Or go full Zeus, and throw lightning bolts at those who dare point their guns toward you. 

If you’re looking for skills more stealthy, take a look at cloaking, duplication and stun arrow abilities that will allow you to play the gameboard on your terms. 

Weird West is shooting it’s way onto PC and console on March 31st. It’s available for pre-order on your chosen platforms now!