We Go Hands On With Gillette’s New Fusion ProGlide FlexBall Razor

I’m not much of a shaving man. I stopped shaving for years and never looked back because my skin is really sensitive and prone to razor burns regardless of how great the blade is. My whole shaving experience has been minimal because of my lack of interest too, as I really liked keeping my five o’clock shadow – for years its been my signature look and has been my go to for outtings and parties.

It just so happens that I wanted to try shaving again and this razor couldn’t have come at a better time for me to try out.

For years though, I’ve been on a shaving machine that did what I wanted and did it well, my face had a great look with the facial hair and really popped. Gillette has been in my house for years, as all the men in my house end up shaving fairly often.

So after nearly five years (!!) and close to 200 million dollars later we are presented with the FusionProGlide with Flexball, the latest from Gillette.

we’re doing five blades! 


Late last month, Gillette announced the Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall Technology, a new and exciting product for men and all their shaving needs. The ProGlide with FlexBall has the added benefit of using the same cartridges as the ProGlide too.

I’ve seen both positive and negative opinions of the product – spouting it being a gimmick and a step backward in innovation. With this in mind – I don’t agree. Gillette isn’t forcing people to buy their new product, but, they sure as heck are letting you know it’s available.

Older gentleman may prefer the tried and tested Mach 3 for example, and that’s fine, but, there is a new generation ready to start shaving and keeping a clean and fresh face.

These are the new features the FlexBall has:

  • A reimagined handle that gives the cartridge a fuller range of motion, responding to contours and maintaining close contact to get virtually every hair.
  • More ergonomic grip for precise control.
  • The same reliable cartridges fit the new handle and continue to feature:  a precision-engineered array of five blades with thin and fine edges and an advanced, low-resistance coating for effortless cutting with less tug and pull than Fusion; comfort and performance details such as a lubrastrip to enable smooth movement over the skin even on repeat strokes and a blade stabilizer to maintain optimal spacing between the blades.


The first thing I remembered from when I was younger and still discovering how to get the best possible shave – was how I would have to twist and turn myself or my old and trusty Mach 3 razor, gone was the awkward movements and now was a more comfortable and natural movement to my shave.

As I continued to shave I noticed how close the razor was cutting the hair – much better than my Mach 3 blade I’ve been off and on with since my early high school days. I could see the difference as I was clearing my face of facial hair just how deep the razor got the follicles.

The first shave I did with this new razor was good but not something I’ll be doing daily, I really liked how close the blade got the hair, but I miss my beard way too much to keep up the fresh-shaven look. If I were to shave on the daily however, this would be a big contender for keeping my face clean because it really does what it says.

I know now what my father will be getting for Father’s Day and hope he can enjoy using the blade as much as I did for the first time in so many years.

The new FlexBall will launch for $11.49 for the manual razor or $12.59 for the electric version, and Gillette has a new subscription service for a dollar a week that offers a new cartridge every week. The idea is there and I hope the service succeeds.




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