Waze Launches Halo Experience Tie-in

Weren’t able to get into the Halo Infinite Flight test this weekend? Worry not because Microsoft and 343 Industries have partnered with navigation app Waze to offer a neat Halo tie-in that may be of interest to you.

Over the years, the ever-useful Waze app has helped me get to my destination over the years with ease and the quickest route with the least amount of traffic. I use it every day to get live traffic reports and has been crucial to driving around the city. Seeing this latest collaboration is pretty cool and I’m looking forward to trying it out when I hit the road later this week.

To celebrate the franchise’s 20th anniversary, you can choose to ride with Master Chief or Banished War Chief Escharum as voice options. Both are available for a limited time so it’s probably best to try them out when Waze allows their usage. A blog post from Waze details the collaboration a bit more.

“Join the UNSC and the legendary Master Chief to help humanity tackle every obstacle thrown at them — whether it’s an interstellar alliance or rush hour traffic. Spartan-117 has dismantled the Covenant, turned the tide against the Flood, and battled the Banished — with that kind of experience in your corner, the mission of successfully making that dinner date will be no problem. Of course, having an all-terrain terror like the Warthog doesn’t hurt either.”

I’ve always enjoyed these promotional tie-ins as last year had Kevin Conroy as Batman navigating my route. This latest promotion comes as the Halo Infinite Flight winds down and has the fanbase excited at the final game, which is set to launch later this year.