WayForward is Publishing Lunark

WayForward and developer Canari Games are working together on publishing Lunark. The game is inspired by 2D classics from the 80s and 90s like Prince of Persia, Flashback, and Out of this World.

With a successful Kickstarter, Lunark will make its way to Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Mac, and PC later this year.

“Years ago, WayForward was one of the first companies to give me a chance as a freelance artist,” said Lunark creator Johan Vinet in a press release. “Knowing the passion they put into their games, accepting this partnership was a no-brainer. Lunark couldn’t be in better hands.”

Set in the distant future where Earth’s moon has been turned into an interstellar vessel to save humanity, you play as Leo, a courier with a mysterious past and special skills.

One day, Leo’s past comes looking for him and he must fight for his life and survive the onslaught of life-threatening situations.