Wayfinder Gets Its Biggest Update Yet With The Reaver King

Seven new quests, more imbuement slots, and new weapons

The fantasy action game Wayfinder is getting its largest update yet ahead of Season 2 with two new weapons, main and side quests, a ton of bug fixes, and more!

The Reaver King introduces quests and regions called Wormwood, The Hollow Heart, and the opportunity for Wayfinders will to dig deeper into “the prophesied ‘Reaver King’ himself carve out a new world bathed in blood and shadows.”

Each of these areas will also push forward the game’s narrative. For example, the developers write about how the existing Hollow Heart will be expanding in their latest patch notes: “whatever primeval purity once was, has been carved empty by the Gloom. The Hollow Heart remains. And its corruption is spreading.”

New Wayfinder Weapons

The opportunity to wield new items and loot are also here with the update. Rose and Thorn are blood-stained flower-esq daggers, while the two-handed Eclipse is ready to “consume all light around it.” The Nightshade is a gun that has needles infused with venom, and finally, there’s an ancient sword and shield combo called Legacy.

A new imbuement slot will also be added to Wayfinder that can be unlocked by working your way through Wormwood.


The devs also held a community live stream on their Twitch channel, talking about the changes and future updates.

Wayfinder is available now and a full breakdown of the patch notes that are also live right now can be found here.