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Wayfinder Is Launching On PC, PS4, PS5 Through Early Access On August 15

To celebrate the news, a fresh 2D animated short was also released

It feels like it’s been quite a while since we’ve heard of Wayfinder‘s upcoming early release. That time is coming to an end as publisher Digital Extremes and developer Airship Syndicate has announced that its free-to-play online-based RPG will be launching in early access on PC and PlayStation systems on August 15th.

“Early Access is a huge milestone for the entire studio. Traditionally we’ve shipped boxed games like Darksiders Genesis, or Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, and moved on to the next project. It’s incredibly exciting that this truly is the start,” Wayfinder creative director, Joe Madureira in a press release.

To celebrate the news, the studio behind the game has also revealed a new playable hero named Venomness, more details on Wayfinder‘s Founder Packs, its version of battle pass – Reward Tower, its in-game housing, and much more. In addition, we got a banger of a four-minute character trailer featuring Venomness with beautiful stellar 2D animation that reveals a bit of Wayfinder‘s approach to storytelling.

While Wayfinder is a free-to-play title, you can put a little into the game’s Founder Pack to get some neat early additions which include access to content from the first two early access seasons, Reward Tower goodies, time-limited awards like instant access to character heroes like Venomness, and more. You can purchase the Base Founders Pack, but the studio has revealed players so choose can upgrade to the three higher tiers later on including Initiate Pack, Awakened Pack, and Exalted Pack.

Wayfinder is set to launch in early access on August 15h for PC (Steam), PS4, and PS5 platforms, for players who want to switch between the different versions well the upcoming early access title will also support cross-play and cross-save.