Watch The Creators Of Ninja Gaiden Play The Messenger

Sabotage Studios’ newest game is out tomorrow on Nintendo Switch and PC, and so far, critics are loving the love letter to the old Ninja Gaiden games that were on the NES, it’s an homage with its own spin. The Messenger is turning a ton of heads, so what better than to see what creators of the NES classic thought.

Devolver Digital spent some time with Hideo Yoshizawa, the director of Ninja Gaiden, and Keiji Yamagishi, the composer. In the video included below, we watch them take on The Messenger seeing how well they do against spike traps, other ninjas, and underwater.

From watching their reactions, they seem to enjoy what Sabotage created and are capable of holding their own against the enemies they face, sharing anecdotes of their time developing the original games and how Nintendo was adamant about including an underwater level.