Watch Dogs

A Live-Action Watch Dogs Film Is In The Works

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs series is heading to the big screen with the help of New Regency—the film adaptation of the video game stars actress Sophie Wilde.

The upcoming movie is directed by Mathieu Turi, a renowned French genre director. The original screenplay was written by Christie LeBlanc, who is well-known for writing the Netflix original sci-fi thriller Oxygen, based on the 2016 Blacklist script O2. Victoria Bata revised the screenplay.

Although the plot details are kept confidential, the movie is based on the 2014 title and is set in Chicago. It follows Aiden Pearce as he works against the criminal underworld in the city. The antagonists in the game are typically corrupt companies, crime bosses, and rival hackers who take advantage of ctOS (central Operating System). This fictional computing network connects every electronic device in a city into a single system and stores personal information on most citizens. The player also has access to ctOS, which can be used to control various devices to assist them in combat, stealth, or solving puzzles.

Yariv Milchan and Natalie Lehmann will produce a movie for New Regency Pictures in collaboration with Margaret Boykin for Ubisoft Film & Television.