Watch A Half-Hour Of MediEvil, Comparing The Original And Remake

A new video for the upcoming MediEvil remake is out and the half-hour video from PlayStation Underground compares the original to the remake.

The original released 21 years ago, and it’s amazing how far we’ve come after watching the comparison video. The remake feels good and plays well, and I remember playing the original as a child. While the remake certainly looks better and features quality of life improvements, there’s still that same gothic vibe across both games.

The Short-Lived demo released a few weeks ago features the opening segment and plays similar to how the original does. The studio developing the MediEvil remake did their best to deliver a 1:1 remake of the original, to the point where if you got stuck, a walkthrough made 20 years ago would help you.

MediEvil launches on October 25 for PlayStation 4.