Xbox Mini Controller Hoodie

Warm Up Your Xbox Controller With Its Own Hoodie

Xbox knows its user base well enough that it sold a branded minifridge last year that sold out in minutes. This year, the brand is back with its next offering which I think has been received well even if it is a bit silly.


On the Xbox Gear Shop, Microsoft has revealed it is launching Xbox Mini Controller Hoodies. While I love the ergonomics of the Xbox controller, I never once thought I’d need a hoodie to keep it warm during the cold winter months but here we are and it is available in two colours and one size.

The listing says the hoodie is made from 100 percent polyester and will fit your Xbox Series controller. Those who order now should receive their Controller Hoodie by December 15 at the earliest. I think the fact it comes with a working zipper and sleeves is the funniest thing about the product.

In Canada, if you want the Xbox Mini Controller Hoodie, it’ll set you back $35.