Wargroove 2

Wargroove 2 Announced

Chucklefish and Robotality are working on a follow-up to Wargroove, the strategy RPG that launched in 2018 to some wonderful reviews.

It has been three years since Queen Mercia and her forces restored peace to Aurania. Now, things are not as they seem with a foreign faction unearthing forbidden technology that could potentially lead to catastrophic consequences.

Wargroove 2 will include three campaigns with an interwoven storyline where bold decisions will help restore the world to balance.

It seems like all-new systems are at play with the Commander’s ‘Groove’ ability unique to each Commander turning the tide in battle. So a new Groove system should help increase your chances of victory by supercharging your Groove ability.

There’s also a new Conquest mode coming which combines roguelike elements into the single-player. Essentially these are bite-sized battles with permanent choices. Your gold and health carry over between skirmishes and it seems like there is a permadeath feature.

Furthermore, there is an in-game editor where you can create your own maps, cutscenes, and campaigns and then share them online.

Lastly, there is a four-player co-op versus battles with fully customizable rules and asynchronous play.