Warframe Is Available On Nintendo Switch

While the latest expansion recently launched on PC with the content set to release on console later, today marks the official launch of Warframe on Nintendo Switch.

To celebrate, Digital Extremes has a free gift package for those who download the game that should assist them when diving into the world of space ninjas!

All you need to do is to access and install the Comms Segment in the Vor’s Prize tutorial quest and then check your in-game rewards.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 3 Day Affinity Booster
  • Orokin Catalyst
  • Orokin Reactor
  • Forma
  • 50k Credits (Frugal Credit Bundle)

I’m looking forward to checking out the Fortuna update that will arrive soon and check out the newest Warframe, Garuda. After launching in 2013, Warframe has seen 23 major updates including a story campaign, and open-world full of things to do.


Bobby has been gaming since he was old enough to walk. Since then, the interest has only grown stronger, and here we are today. Follow Bobby on Twitter, and just go with it. @bpashalidis

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