Warcraft Rumble

Warcraft Rumble Expands Its Soft Launch On iOS And Android

Blizzard's latest mobile game venture is available in Canada

Love it or hate it, Blizzard is venturing further into the free-to-play gaming space with Warcraft Rumble, and it’s now being soft-launched in several new regions and countries, including Canada.

Originally called Warcraft Arclight Rumble, the game is primarily a tower-defence-like game. It mixes elements from genres like MOBAs with “Leaders” and captures areas or objectives. At the end of the line is an enemy boss where you can unleash your horde or army on a larger foe.

As you can see from the map below, only a few countries can access the game so far. The soft launch approach will be expanded over time, and anyone who doesn’t live in any of these regions can pre-register for the game at any time.

Map showing Canada, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Philippines, and Australia

There’s a slew of customization options available; many of them, it appears, will need to be unlocked using an in-game currency; nothing we haven’t seen in other FTP models before, including Blizzard’s own Diablo Immortal.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about the long-term plans for the game, but with the limited time I’ve spent with it on soft launch day here in Canada, it’s some simplified strategic fun. I was (and still am) a huge fan of Blizzard’s MOBA Heroes of the Storm, and some of the Leaders and gameplay elements sent me back to the hundreds of hours I spent in that game, even if it was pretty different.

It also shares some look and feel of a PvP FTP game on Steam called Minion Masters. Acquiring gold or in-match currency will allow you to quickly deploy more troops to topple your opponent. I haven’t played any PvP in Warcraft Rumble, but the PvE elements still feel pretty balanced and smooth thus far.

For anyone unsure of their device can run Warcraft Rumble, here are the minimum requirements:


  • iPhone 6s and higher
  • iOS 13 and higher
  • RAM – 2GB of RAM and higher


  • CPU – Snapdragon 675 / Exynos 8890 and higher
  • GPU – OpenGLES 3.1 and higher
  • Adreno 612 / Mali-T880 MP12 and Higher
  • Android 5.1 (API level 22) and higher
  • RAM – 3GB of RAM and higher

Available on iOS and Android.