ouya switch

Want An Ouya Gamepad For Your Nintendo Switch?

Here’s something I thought I thought I’d heard the last of years ago – the Ouya! It was supposed to take the world by storm, serving as a mini-console that not only would become a powerhouse but could forge its own path. Turns out, one of the earliest Kickstarter success stories didn’t and here we are now the Ouay a wisp in the air and a long forgotten relic.

Oddly enough, the Ouya-inspired controller is from a Chinese manufacturer, ViGRAND and serves as an unofficial controller for the Nintendo Switch.

The controller utilizes Bluetooth 3.0 and comes with a 380mAh lithium battery, lasting roughly five hour of use and takes around three hours to charge. There is also built-in gyro support and dual motors for rumble, and lastly, no NFC support for those amiibos of yours.

Costing roughly $25 USD, the controller certainly won’t break the bank, but it really serves no purpose when the existing controllers are more than adequate. If you’re interested, you can buy one here.

ouya switch