Walmart Once Again Jumps The Gun And Reveals Another Title

UPDATE:  Well, it looks like Sega has confirmed the existence of Team Sonic Racing with a teaser trailer and a listing that the game would arrive this winter. The video is included in the article.

Last month, Walmart Canada got eager to reveal a partial listing of upcoming E3 titles we would see in the coming year and gave us a solid glimpse of what we would be getting. This week Walmart in the US has decided to join its Canadian branch and reveal a new Sonic the Hedgehog title from Sega,  but it is one title we knew was in the works for some time now: Team Sonic Racing.

Available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, the game features 15 characters each with their own specialization in speed, technique, or power. There will also be items included and while no special characters outside of the Sonic series have been announced just yet, you never know if more will be added. Also confirmed is story mode and customization options for your vehicle. and an emphasis on team racing, and is being developed by Sumo Digital.