VPN Is Your Best Bet When Surfing The Internet

Last week, the news about Canadians being sued for downloading torrents from various online website hit the web and for the first time in ages, there was a legitimate fear for Canadians downloading their favourite shows through BitTorrent.

So, while not everyone pays for a Crave subscription service in Canada, and those that do might find the selection limited so resorting to piracy is always an alternative, but it isn’t the best alternative. If anything, the best solution isn’t pirating but using a VPN (a virtual private network) which is a software that connects your internet securely to a server in a remote location.

We’ve found using VPN Analysis is a wonderful starting point. Their website is easy to navigate and they want to make things as easy as possible when the decision on who to go with as your VPN provider. In fact, they break things down by what you would want (Best VPN for Netflix, Fastest VPN) and even offer by what device you’re using.

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But that’s not why I’m recommending using VPN Analysis – it’s the reviews that you’re able to look at and read, gathering all the required information on who does what best and whether it’s a good fit for your home. I’ve always been a bit wary of choosing the right provider so thankfully the experts at VPN Analysis take out the guesswork by offering reviews on several providers.

Today, Canadians are now likely to be targeted by law firms representing various media companies. Often, they send your ISP a Norwich Order, essentially telling them to provide your name if it matches up to an IP address, they cost copyright holders a lot of money but they do it because they are able to get your name in some cases.