Single-Developer RPG Voin Announced

Developer Nikita Sozidar is getting the support of tinyBuild for the launch of his fast-paced RPG run-and-gun… well, run-and-slash title, Voin.

He is also announcing that the game — which will be out on Steam late this year — is getting an open playtest period starting Friday! In a gameplay loop that looks like BioShock Infinite-meets-SkyrimVoin tasks you as an elemental servant created to fulfill one purpose: cleanse the world of a devastating plague that has consumed all life.  Defeat waves of evil creatures, explore corrupted fields and towering castles, and sprint over rivers to uncover hidden locations. Accomplish sufficient tasks to access boss zones, which are full of dangerous challenges, and find out the reason behind the epidemic to become the ultimate weapon and the last expectation of the world.

As you take on missions across grasslands and sky-high keeps, you’ll unlock boss fights and more lore about how you’ve become humanity’s last hope in a time of plague.

Voin is currently only on PC and will include support for English, French, German, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) localizations.